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The sometimes disturbing, difficult to believe or spiritual nature of anomalous experiences might lead an individual to seek professional help, but because these experiences often fall outside the realm of what is considered “normal”, there is often a lack of professionals willing or able to work with these issues. OPUS has recognized the need for a clearinghouse where an Experiencer can receive assistance in locating and choosing a professional who is knowledgeable about a particular experience in question.


When appropriate, OPUS refers Experiencers to physicians, licensed mental health practitioners, consultants, investigators and alternative health assistants. OPUS also refers to support groups of all kinds where experiencers can share feelings and concerns without fear of ridicule or embarrassment, while learning to understand, bridge and integrate what happened to them into daily life.


Recently, in addition to our face to face support group, OPUS has created an international “on-line” support group which can only be accessed by the members and is available 24/7. For UFO matters, OPUS networks with many like-minded groups and organizations such as Yvonne Smith and CERO (Close Encounter Research Organization), Dr. Leo Sprinkle and ACCET (Academy of Clinical Close Encounters Therapists, Inc), Barbara Lamb, MS, and previously with the late Dr. John Mack (JEMI) and Budd Hopkins (Intruder Foundation). For psychic issues, we refer to Loyd Auerbach of the Paranormal Network and for Kundalini, to the Kundalini Support Network and Kundalini Awakening Now.  For spiritual emergencies, we refer to June Steiner PhD and the Spiritual Emergence Network.

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As a non-profit organization we depend on donations. If you can donate at this time it would be greatly appreciated.  We understand that it may not be possible to donate at this time but please keep our request in mind and donate when you can.